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In August 2009 the first lunch was served in the large new House of Hope facility. Close to 85 children receive vitamins, healthy, well-balanced meals, Bible classes, homework tutoring, health and dental care. Most importantly, they are being demonstrated the love of Jesus by the words and deeds of our staff and visitors.

Our goal is to raise a generation of children with Godly principles to be leaders in their communities. The program is sustained by child sponsorship and individual donations.

Si-Tek is a self sustainability Christian ministry project started as an addition to a children’s feeding program named House of Hope. It is located in Santiago, Guatemala. The feeding program gives Biblical studies, an opportunity to know Jesus Christ, food, clothing, education and much more to 85+ of some of the poorest children in the world. Most of the households of these children are headed by single moms with little to no education or marketable skills for employment. Si-Tek was started to train some of the moms, equipping them with a marketable sewing skill.  We give them employment and a HOPE for a future that will raise entire families out of dire poverty.

100% of the funds received from these sales are being put back into the ministry. Our hope and prayer is that one day Si-Tek will be self sustaining as well as create profits enough to operate the feeding program.

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